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Older IT systems: Peripherals are trouble makers

Many process control systems that were installed until the end of the 80's work as "Non-Open-Systems", i.e. with their own and specific operational systems. This makes it hard or impossible to migrate the data to more recent systems.

Old system CPUs and software applications still usually work perfectly. The only failure usually comes from peripherals: Old hard disks and tape drives tend to have frequent break downs over the time. On one hand, the peripheral maintenance cost gets higher and higher; on the other hand, equivalent peripherals are not available any longer - even on the second-hand market. Thus the whole system and the data are in danger.

The development of such new systems is very expensive, even for major companies.

So, the question is: Why change the whole system when the only trouble makers are the peripherals?

The answer is the emulation of peripherals. That is why datex engineers elaborate emulators that replace 'plug-to-plug' old generation hard disk drives and tape drives.

Thanks to datex emulators, companies make substantial savings: They needn't replace the whole IT system. Moreover their IT system becomes more reliable and less costly.