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Erasure of data - Formatting hard drive
Leaving nothing to chance

Note : In this paragraph, we address those wo want to format a hard drive reliable and completely. However, if your problem is an accidental formatting or a unvolontary formatting of a hard drive and you want to retrieve your data, please consult the section data recovery.

Many companies and administrations make their hardare at the end of their leasing - some other resell them or dispose as soon as it is financially amortized. In 2004, only 8% of them have made a total and reliable erasure of their data. If you do not operate a secure erasing of your data, your competitors can easily retrieve it and use it.

A simple deletion of data - or even a formatted hard drive - just change the storage structure in the hard disk: the data are still present and easy to recover with a specific software.

If your data are important, don't leave anything to chance : Datex offers you several solutions to erase your data.


DTX 100 - hard drive eraser

DataStorageEraser is a software developed by Datex, that you can use yourself to erase data on your hard drive totally safety.
The principle is that the software performs a rewriting bit by bit on every data present on the hard drive and completely change his content : The rewritten information is a succession of 0 and 1 that have no meaning and whose only aim is to completely destroy previous data. DataStorageEraser performs at least 7 passages on the hard disk. Following this intervention, previous data have completely - and really - disappeared, and even "magnetic detectives" can't do anything to recover them. This process also meets the stringent European military standards. For more information on this topic, see DataStorageEraser.

Please email us to get a license of our software.

Formatting hard drive in our laboratories.

Because some companies prefer to outsource this task, Datex also offers complete formatting of hard disks in the laboratory. This process is profitable when the company wants to delete a certain quantity of hard disks (at least fifteen). Following the complete formatting, everything on the hard drive have disappeared and are no longer recoverable.

Recycling hard drives.

Datex also proposes the recycling of hard disks. Again, for companies that wish, we perform a complete erasure (by overload) of the hard drives before we incorporated them into the process of destruction or recycling..