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hard disk drive repairsData recovery You have no access to your data any longer ? Since 1984 datex has been specialized in data recovery on hard disk drives, RAID systems and other magnetic media. Data recovery takes place in class-100 clean rooms under ISO 9001:2015 certification. hard disk driveSecure data eraser Your company must get rid of its older IT material but first you want to make sure the data is not accessible any more. Usual hard disk format is not efficient enough as any IT expert can get access to your data. datex offers a secure data deletion software.
Computer ForensicComputer forensic Information is a primary raw material. More and more companies need legal investigations to be performed on their computer hard disk drives. datex offers computer forensic services for companies and governmental organizations.
fix hard disk driveHard disk repairs For some reason your company still works with old generation hard disk drives. They are not reliable any longer and your data is at stake. datex can fix them or offer equivalent hard disk drives or even migrate your data onto up-to-date technology media.

hard disk drive emulatorEmulators datex elaborates emulators that replace 'plug-to-plug' old generation hard disk, tape drives and Floppy drives. The emulators strengthen former IT systems and offer high reliability at low cost. They emulate hard drives of process control systems for power plants, flying simulators, robots ( industrial production, knitting loom, electric piano...)phone taxation systems, cash registers...

datex sold in more than 60 countries in the world (the USA, Japan, Korea, Germany….)

datex - hard disk drive repairWhy choose datex? datex is a European company that has been highly specialized in magnetic media for more than 20 years. Our engineers work in class-100 clean rooms under ISO 9001:2008 certification.