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Emulators: HDD & Floppy disk drive
Trouble solving for old systems
The advantages of the emulators
Technical specifications
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An updated technology adapted to older systems

datex engineers elaborate emulators for major companies who still run old generation IT systems. Emulators are high-tech drives that replace damaged hard disks or tape drives that are no longer available and that cannot be fixed any more.

datex emulators emulate hard drives of process control systems for the following clientele: multinational companies, administrative bodies, power plants, flying simulators, phone taxation systems, hospital electronic microscopes, etc.

datex Emulators are 100% compatible with older IT systems and replace 'plug-to-plug' old generation hard drives: Bull, DEC, Geac, Wang, Gould Encore, etc.
datex also elaborates a tape drive emulator with Pertec Industry interface.

Emulators offer many advantages: total compatibility, high reliability, economies of scale, very low maintenance costs, very low consuming costs.

datex offers standard solutions for the following systems:

  • Diablo Dri 4000
  • Pertec 3400, Pertec 34xx
  • ESDI
  • SMD multiplexed for Bull mini 6 System and DPS System
  • Digital Equipment : DEC RK05, RK07, DEC RL01, RL02, DEC RD50, RD51, RD52, RD53, RD54, etc.
  • MFM :
    - Seagate ST412 506, ST506, ST225, ST251, ST125, etc.
    - Micropolis 1325
    - Maxtor XT1065, XT1085, XT1140, XT2190, etc.

  • List of hard drives emulated :
    - MFM
    - ESDI
    - SCSI

Further information is available in our Datastorage website. In any case, you will get a tailored information by contacting us by phone or by mail.